Having placed ideas together on mood boards for each bedroom I put them to the family panel. The initial ideas were passed, besides bathroom 1 which at that point I had found a coral reef theme; I was clearly envisaging lying in ones’ bath, snorkel bound and ready to spot the tropical fish darting around the walls. So I adjusted my mind spec and found the most beautiful blue print wall paper which suits fabulously as an original bedroom when the house was last in use, some 55 years ago was called the Print room and is clearly marked on the old servants bells! For the curtains a burst of colour and a speckled armchair fabric from Claremont, with brass reeded antique poles, mirror lights and a gilt framed mirror. It is going to look spectacular although the description sounds extraordinary, but I wish to create excitement and adventure within a room!

The panelled bathroom

By mid-October all the fabric was ordered. Due to a serious worldwide cotton shortage the Chinese Toile which is going in the Victorian bedroom was delayed until February. I was not prepared for the abrupt response when I mindlessly queried why the fabric was delayed. The voice down the telephone started;’this is the second year that cotton yields have been in decline, because of this, mills in the midlands closed, moved to Thailand where there were then floods and all looms were destroyed plus lives lost.’

Chinese Toile mood board

Wow… shocking news and a completely unexpected response having queried the delivery date of the Chinese men swinging on the walls and matching curtains for the Victorian boudoir, dressing room and adjoining bathroom.
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