Book Cover (002)The first ever book about the history of the Boconnoc estate has just been published. The book was launched at Boconnoc House on the 5th of August with an enlightening and educational talk by award-winning author Catherine Lorigan, describing her journey researching and writing the book.

The first five chapters follow the fortunes of the Cornish families, including Carminows, Courtenays, Mohuns, Pitts, Grenvilles and Fortescues, who have owned the estate over many centuries and have played important roles within the immediate locality and in national events. Catherine Lorigan explores their eventful lives – or in many cases deaths: dragged over a cliff by greyhounds, slain in battle, executed for treason or killed in duels.

The last five chapters explore how the medieval fortified house evolved into a Georgian mansion, how the grounds and gardens have been transformed and examines the relationship of the estate with the landscape in which it is set.

Using many primary documentary sources, this book is an important addition to our understanding of the importance of Boconnoc in the history of Cornwall as a whole.

Talking about the book, owner of the house and estate Elizabeth Fortescue said:
“This is a well-researched and excellently referenced book that after seven years of meticulous planning and writing has brought back to life the fascinating characters and history of the estate.”

Boconnoc House has been painstakingly restored to its original splendour by the Fortescue family over the last 12 years, resulting in receiving two awards: the 2012 HHA/Sotheby’s Award for Restoration and also the Georgian Group Award.

Boconnoc: the history of a Cornish estate, is available to purchase online for £17.99 at

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