Boconnoc House and Estate have a long and fascinating history which dates back to the Domesday role in 1086 but it is the current owners, Anthony and Elizabeth Fortescue who have bought the house, which had been left to rack and ruin after the Second World War due to lack of money, back to life over a 12 year restoration project.

During the Second World War the Americans took over Boconnoc and by the time the owners returned there was no money to keep the house in good repair.  By the early 1950s the owners left the property and it was then not lived in for 30 years. By the time the current owners began working on the project the whole roof had to be redone, there were plants growing through windows and you could see the top floor from the basement in one of the rooms.

Anthony Fortescue set to work with a fantastic team around him and began this exciting project. Having remembered it lived in when he was a very young boy he was determined that this historical house should be bought back to its former glory. Read more on Boconnoc’s history and restoration


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