A retreat bridging the work students would have already started to engage with on the foundation level 1 retreat and the teachings that are covered on the advanced vipassana retreat. During this retreat detailed instructions and explanations are given to help develop vipassana practice.

Vipassana is the practice of insight meditation that looks to the basis of our life itself as the very roots of our suffering. The focus of such practice is the systematic removal of the causes of suffering as a route to the experience of full awakening. Where the Heart Essence retreat develops our connection to our awakened state of mind, it remains the case that on account of the ‘ego’ self clinging, we may still fall into selfish states of greed and attachment, or anger and aversion, whenever we lose our sense connection to mindful awareness.

Since our awakened mind has never caused suffering to ourselves and is already pure in nature, it remains the lower aspects of our mind that needs on-going refinement through meditation and daily mindfulness, even after we have recognised the higher mind intrinsic purity. In the practice of Vipassana we look to the very causes of our selfish habit patterns, be they greed, jealousy, anger, shame or pride. As our insight into their nature and causes matures through this practice, we are able to let them go at deeper and deeper levels.

Cost : £370 – £440 shared room and board.

Limited single rooms available on request.

Concessionary places available upon request.

Teachings are offered on donation.

For full details please see The Art of Meditation website.


December 7 - 5:00 pm
December 15 - 10:00 am