Passionate about creating memorable cakes

Tell us about you. What service do you provide to our lovely couples?

Peboryon have been a trusted part of the Boconnoc story for several years. We’re a local team of pastry chefs with an international reputation. Owners Christine & Phil Jensen design and craft wedding cakes & sweet treats to be enjoyed on Boconnoc’s happiest days. You can expect warmth and professional service from your very first conversation to your last delicious bite!

What is your favourite thing about working with couples at Boconnoc?

Our Boconnoc couples seem to appreciate nature, beauty and art in both its fine and wild forms. That means we often find that our couples here, have an idea of what they want from a flavour and style, but are still open to embracing a little creativity and joy. It’s the very best combination!

What is the best thing about working in the wedding industry?

Getting to work with folk who have honed their superpowers; planners and organisers of moments, taste creators of flavours that will be talked about for months, the light chasers who capture the tiny details, floral magicians who enrich tables and mantlepieces with stylish blooms, musicians who make everyone want to dance till dawn, and the celebrants and ministers that seal the deal. The best thing about this line of work is the teamwork. Seeing gifted craftsmen in their zone, building their piece of the day, making each unique couple’s plans a reality. It’s what we LOVE about working in weddings.

Why do you think Cornwall is such a popular location for weddings?

Cornwall is a shining gem of a land. It’s ‘away’ but familiar. Home, but better. For centuries its been a place where artists run. Its character has been shaped by rule breakers and light chasers. There’s space. You can breathe, sleep deeply by starlight, walk on the damp green grass, drink the wild air. All marriages would be better started in a place like this!

How long have you been in the wedding industry?

Before cake, Christine specialised for many years in couple’s work. She saw first hand the enormous benefits of pre-marital counselling, and marital counselling as a means to support and enrich relationships. After 15 years of baking and celebrating family and (many) friends special days, the official shift to cake as a profession came in 2014.

Tell us about the most memorable wedding you have worked at.

Gosh! Each wedding is memorable for different reasons, but one that stands out was a couple who wanted to include aspects of their different heritages in their wedding cake & favours, and also, a cake they had both enjoyed on a short break in Cyprus…for which they had no recipe, no notion of the name or exactly what it was! The search involved two tastings and six flavour options researched and developed in our kitchen. We found it! Pistachio & chocolate cake has never tasted so good!

What is the most unusual/interesting request you have had from a couple?

We were commissioned last year to design a cake based on a marriage proposal at Mount Rushmore during the solar eclipse. The year before, we created a scale model of a jack-up ship in gluten free sticky toffee cake to mark the story of how that particular couple had met. People are unique, fascinating and fabulous. It’s our job to interpret each story into great cake.

What are your favourite trends for this year?

Though we try and steer away from trends, we’re seeing a lot more colour on cake, which we love. Alongside pretty pastel shades, brides are going bold with burgundy and rich jewel colours. The Megan & Harry effect continues, with buttercream covered cakes increasingly popular. There are a LOT of amazing possibilities with buttercream and ganache (not currently on Pinterest!) which we believe our Boconnoc couples may well be interested in.

Peboryon will be situated in the Drawing Room for our Open House Wedding Event – Saturday 2nd March 2019, 10am – 3pm. We hope to see you there!

Image credits: Debs Alexander Photography, Toby Lowe Photography, Nick Walker Photography, Imogen Xiana.