About Us

The Story

Boconnoc’s story begins hundreds of years ago. Since the days of the Domesday Book, people have inhabited this beautiful tract of Cornwall—and the estate itself is alive with centuries of history.

After 12 years of dedicated refurbishment, Boconnoc now represents the heights of Cornish luxury. With its Georgian architecture, picture-perfect countryside, and buzzing fairs, festivals, and busy events calendar, it captures all the enchantment and beauty of Cornwall.


Luminaries, royals, and other famous personalities have all found their way to Boconnoc: from King Charles I, who spent the night in what is now the King’s Bedroom, to Thomas “Diamond” Pitt, the former Governor of Madras. In fact, Pitt made Boconnoc his home after selling his infamous diamond—first discovered in Golconda, India—to the French Crown.

The Family

The Fortescue family has personally had ties to Boconnoc since 1717. In 2000, inspired by the founding of the Boconnoc Steam Fair, Anthony and Elizabeth Fortescue embarked on an ambitious renovation project to restore Boconnoc to its former glory (and impart a brilliant new contemporary feel to the estate).

Meet the Team

Friendly, warm and welcoming – the team here love nothing more than making you feel at home. From weddings and events, to private hire and cottage stays, everyone has their part to play in making sure the estate runs smoothly. Find out more about our wonderful team here