Woodland Walks in Cornwall: Discovering Boconnoc’s Beautiful Lichens

Woodland walks in Cornwall are always magical experiences—but if you go for a ramble around Boconnoc’s grounds, you’re in for an extra surprise. Adorning the old-growth trees, a world-famous collection of gossamer-like lichens can be found. In the autumn and winter sunlight, the silver-hued lichens appear to sparkle, and make Boconnoc’s expansive woods one of the most beautiful areas of the estate.

Boconnoc’s Famous Lichens

Boconnoc’s lichens aren’t just famed for their otherworldly, fairy-tale beauty, however—they’re regarded by experts as one of the most exceptional and diverse lichen assemblages in the world. Today, scientists travel from all corners of the globe to discover their fantastic diversity up close.

Impressively, more than 180 different lichen varieties have been recorded at Boconnoc, including some species that have not been discovered anywhere else in the country. Many of the lichens found here flourish primarily in ancient woodlands, and the picturesque oak, ash, willow, and sycamore trees make the perfect habitat for these rarely seen lichens.

Fresh Air at Boconnoc

Beyond their beauty, Boconnoc’s lichens are testament to another truth: that the air here is some of the freshest you’ll ever encounter. Lichens are highly pollution-sensitive, and need clean, fresh air in order to flourish; that’s why woodland walks in Cornwall are the ideal time to spot them. With saline sea breezes, a comfortably temperate climate, and an utterly refreshing ambiance, the atmosphere at Boconnoc couldn’t be better to support these fascinating species.

But more than just signalling that an area is free of pollution, lichen also acts as nature’s own air purifier. Go for a stroll through the timeless woods of Boconnoc, and you’ll have the privilege of drinking in cool, clean, and deliciously fresh air.

The Perfect Night’s Sleep

The same fresh air that helps Boconnoc’s world-famous lichens flourish is also what will ensure you have the perfect night’s sleep during your rural Cornish retreat. Many of the guests who’ve stayed at Boconnoc have told us they’ve never slept better—and if you’re planning a stay, fantastic relaxation, refreshment, and blissful sleep await you.

Whether you stay in one of Boconnoc House’s nine fabulously restored bedrooms or in one of the cosy cottages that flank the Stable Yard, the fresh, cool breezes permeate every corner of the estate. Go for an evening walk in the grounds and breathe lungfuls of the twilight air as you wander. You can also enjoy an evening tipple on your private cottage terrace, or even just open the window to the nighttime winds, perfumed as they are with flowers and lushly growing things.

Combined with Boconnoc’s luxurious accommodations, plush mattresses and comfortable beds, the clean air and perfect quiet of the Cornish countryside lend themselves to slumber. It’s just one of many reasons why your time at Boconnoc will be time very well spent.

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