From practical and muted to contemporary and vibrant

Sarah Fortescue recently completed the full renovation of the kitchen at Boconnoc House. The previously functional catering kitchen was lacking the homeliness which a house like Boconnoc required for guests to have a space to socialise, cook and relax in when staying. As the house is also used for weddings, retreats and events it required a multifunctional space which could suit every requirement. We caught up with Sarah to ask a few questions about the renovation and how she has transformed this space from practical and muted to contemporary and vibrant. 

Tell us why you decided to renovate the kitchen at Boconnoc?

To date the kitchen has been used for a lot of catering events and we wanted to finalise the interiors of Boconnoc House by creating a fabulous kitchen for the house’s private guests and it is so exciting to see this room transformed into such a beautiful space. Boconnoc has transformed its stays business since the start of the pandemic, with the aim of really wanting to give guests an unforgettable experience in a truly majestic utopia. 

Boconnoc Kitchen Renovation

What was the inspiration behind this particular project?

Boconnoc and its surroundings are my inspiration. The landscape and eternal beauty that surrounds Boconnoc House is a glorious stepping stone for my design work that I do here. I wanted to incorporate a new design that was beautiful and stylish. To me its always about looking to nature’s palette and drawing those colours in, side by side, in harmony, and some clashing, to create the overall desired visual I am wishing to achieve.

What suppliers and brands have you used? Are there any interesting stories behind them?

We have used Cornish craftsman to carry out the work, the joinery; designed by myself, was built by Charlestown Joinery who use sustainable timber. The Soho tiles from British brand Bert and May hold the design together with strength and pattern with a pinging blue called Lake Tarhoe on the joinery from paint specialists Benjamin Moore. I collaborated with Wendy Rolt, a Cornish based artist who created a pair of abstract seascapes for the kitchen. They are bold, big and radical. With the south coast five miles as the crow flies from Boconnoc, drawing its landscape into Boconnoc’s naturalist parkland blends all the landscapes we love.

How do you imagine guests using this kitchen space? What will it add to Boconnoc House?

The kitchen is beautiful and houses an electric dual range cooker with seven gas hobs, a large warming oven, wine fridge, separate tall fridge & freezer and separate electric oven and integrated microwave housed in the joinery. It also has plenty of storage space and brass pastry shelving with timber shelves made from Boconnoc oak. 

With a large kitchen island with red metal bar stools; its the perfect place for family members to be sitting enjoying the cooks company, or a kitchen for a chef and staff. It is multifunctional – it can cater for up to 60 people or a kitchen for a small few. I always envisage that whilst the main course is being prepared, a soufflé or dessert rises in the electric oven, positioned at eye level so that the chef can see. 

It must have been a challenge creating a kitchen space which serves many purposes. How did you go about ensuring that the space was not only beautiful but functional?

As a designer, functionality of a kitchen is key to the overall design. Storage and worktop space for a house of this size is so important.

Have you got any more projects in the pipeline at Boconnoc? 

We have just completed a stunning bedroom in the attic and are currently working on a bathroom on the same floor. I am currently designing the new Games Room that is in the Stable Yard. A super room, flooded with natural light through the old double stable doors with glass panels so opening out to nature; fabulous in the spring and summer months and cosy in the months of cooler temperatures. I am also currently designing gardens for both the Head Grooms and Grooms House which will give them each their own little slice of private paradise. 

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About Sarah Fortescue Designs

Sarah Fortescue brings something very unique to the spaces she designs. The way she works with her clients and spaces; no project is ever the same, they all have their unique character and individualism. It is her clients and the spaces that are the roots of her work; she then takes her style and design spin, creating something quite spectacular in her interiors. A refreshing individualism resonates, with threads of pattern and culture interwoven, with a highly skilled and unique use of colour and texture.  Sarah’s approach to colour creates spaces that are harmonious in their setting – the colours communicate with one another so fluidly that her interiors are uplifting, soothing and igniting all at the same time through her use of colour, pattern and texture. There is a great sense of tradition in her work, but drawing on a freshness and look not seen before in the industry. Her work is exciting, vibrant and her vitality radiates throughout her interiors, wallpapers and products.