Historic methods meet a sustainable future

Boconnoc is lucky enough to have one of the few remaining water-powered sawmills still in operation. Many know Boconnoc for its beautiful landscapes, weddings, events and as a film and photography location, but not for this fascinating feature. Last week our Woodsman Will along with Olly from Mena Woodwork were choosing prime Boconnoc oak for Olly’s handcrafted furniture making business. Mena Woodwork are a small focused workshop, based on the Boconnoc Estate, specialising in functional understated and sustainable furniture. Where possible they use oak from the estate so the partnership between Boconnoc and Mena creates a sustainable and quality product with a beautiful story to tell. 

A few facts about the Sawmill

The Boconnoc Sawmill is run by a water-powered turbine which was originally installed  in 1909, prior to this it was powered by a water wheel.  The turbine produces 38hp and has a Stenner Rack Bench with an inserted tooth blade. The turbine was completely renovated in 2010. 

There are two ponds which are controlled by a sluice and feed a leat  which runs the turbine. Boconnoc uses the sawmill to mill their own timber, mainly oak, which is turned into beams, lintels and other products.  Some soft woods are cut to provide materials for use on the estate as well as cutting wood for businesses like Olly’s who have a sustainable ethos. 

Images: Holes in there World Studio