Deer Park

Boconnoc's herd of fallow deer

From the Gardens to the House itself, Boconnoc is alive with history. Even the bucolic Deer Park has a fascinating story. Herds of fallow deer have nibbled on the park’s lush grass since the days of the Domesday Book, and over 120 deer still call the area home today.

During the summer months, you will have the chance to get even closer. Located just next to the Deer Park, the verdant cricket pitch and pretty pavilion host regular weekend matches. As you toast the winning team and soak up the spirit of competition, you can see the deer as they watch from the boundaries, tails twitching with curiosity. No wonder it is one of Boconnoc’s most popular summertime traditions.

Home to a herd of fallow deer and adjacent to Boconnoc's cricket pitch, the Deer Park was made for sunny afternoons.