A country estate wedding, where every detail adds a touch of magic and every moment feels like a fairytale come true, is an experience unlike any other. The distinctiveness of a country venue can elevate your special day to a whole new level. 

Stepping into a country estate is like entering a world where grandeur and natural beauty converge. Picture saying your vows under a canopy of stunning trees, surrounded by picture-perfect gardens and stately elegance. The charm of a country estate lies not only in its breathtaking landscapes but also in its timeless architecture that is steeped in history.  

Read on to explore whether a country estate wedding could be the right option for you. 


The Enchanting Backdrop


At Boconnoc, you’re welcomed by picture-perfect gardens adorned with blossoming flora, adding vibrant hues to the canvas of your special day. Explore serene lakes, perfect spots for picnics, and hundreds of acres of rolling Cornish countryside. 

The historic architecture of a country estate wedding adds a touch of elegance to your celebration. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by high ceilings and regal entrances that will make you feel like royalty. Large windows throughout the house provide panoramic views of sprawling gardens and parkland, stretching as far as the eye can see, each corner offering a unique picturesque view.  

Whether you dream of a romantic outdoor ceremony amidst nature’s beauty or a grand indoor affair in an historic house, the choice is entirely yours with a country estate wedding. Here at Boconnoc, our grounds become exclusively yours on your special day, ensuring that your wedding is a one-of-a-kind, personalised and private experience. 


A Symphony of Nature 


The abundant outdoor spaces at our country estate present a treasure trove of advantages. Perhaps the most enchanting of these is the stunning natural beauty that envelops the venue.  

At Boconnoc, you’re granted the freedom to choose from various areas on the estate for each segment of your wedding celebration, from a heartfelt ceremony in our 800-year-old church which can be adorned from floor to ceiling with seasonal flowers, to a lively reception in our rustic Stable Yard, to dancing under the starlit sky. There are so many possibilities.  

With the expansive canvas of nature, you can tailor the layout, seating arrangements, and decorative elements of your wedding at Boconnoc to reflect your unique style, personality, and story. Draw inspiration from the native rhododendron, hydrangeas, and blossoming wildflowers that grow throughout the grounds.  

Old-World Charm and Modern Luxury 


We seamlessly blend historical elegance and contemporary luxury to create an atmosphere that is nothing short of magical.  

Incorporating contemporary elements into your country estate wedding can be artful while paying homage to the venue’s heritage. Blend old-world charm with modern aesthetics by pairing vintage furniture with modern accents or decorating our theatrical drawing room with on-trend flower arrangements. 

Imagine extending your celebration into a multi-day event at a country estate to make the magic last even longer. Boconnoc offers on-site accommodation for you and your guests, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the estate’s beauty. Enjoy the convenience of having everything in one place, from event planning to personalised touches that make your day truly unique. Explore our Wedding Services to see how Boconnoc can make your dream wedding a reality. 

A country estate wedding is a captivating choice that combines the best of nature, history, and luxury. Boconnoc Estate stands as a testament to this unique experience. We invite you to consider this distinctive option for your special day and explore the possibilities with us.  

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